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All About FurnFlips

I grew up with a mother who was an interior designer. Surrounded daily by her talents, I naturally inherited her interest and her skills for design and decor. From imitating her as a child, to hosting craft nights with friends after college, and having a house of my own to decorate now — my love for ‘all things design’ continues to grow! My adventure with “flipping furniture” started after my parents had a garage sale. After seeing what some people may call “trash” taken and hauled off by a Junk Truck, I decided right then and there that it was time to refinish, restore, and revive any “junk’ I could get my hands and paint on! Since then, I collect pieces of discarded furniture to refinish and sell privately. Additionally, and for some time now, I refurbish other individuals' home furniture. I particularly love being able to custom paint pieces for folks who value their unique furniture, but want a little “touch up” according to their tastes! More recently, I’ve consigned with the lovely Forget Me Not Boutique in Waynesville, OH; and sell custom Farm Tables with the talented independent carpenter Miss Angela as well. Last but not least, I teach chalk paint classes so others can enjoy learning about their creative side! ​My specialties include: sanding, chalking painting and wax seals. Yes, I use the famous Annie Sloan chalk paint, but I find great results with different varieties of paints and waxes such as Amy Howard and Dixie Belle. I have an affinity for the 'Rustic' design type. Who doesn't like a little Joanna Gaines style in their homes, right?! But I also find great value in learning and trying different design types. ​My creativity awaits the piece of furniture you may have thought of throwing away!

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