Chalk Painting 101 Class August 30th

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint furniture using chalk paint? If the answer is yes, then come take my class. What to expect: Participants will receive a full hands-on lesson on how to chalk paint. Attendees will paint three different base board samples using the colors of their choice. Different color waxes will be applied for different effects. When finished, students will pick their favorite color and wax combination and apply it to their final project. A picture frame will be provided for the final project. What to wear: This isn't a fashion show! Wear something you can get messy! What to bring: Nothing! Just bring yourself. Beverages and snacks are welcome. Cost: $55 per person

June 12's Classs

Everyone in tonight's class has a project waiting for them at home! Cant wait to see pictures! I have full confidence in you ladies!