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I grew up with a mother who was an interior designer. Surrounded daily by her talents, I naturally inherited her interest and her skills for design and decor. My love for ‘all things design’ continues to grow!

My adventure with “flipping furniture” started after my parents had a garage sale. After seeing what some people may call “trash” taken and hauled off by a Junk Truck, I decided right then and there that it was time to refinish, restore, and revive any “junk’ I could get my hands and paint on!

Since then, I collect pieces of discarded furniture to refinish and sell privately. Additionally, and for some time now, I refurbish other individuals' home furniture. I particularly love being able to custom paint pieces for folks who value their unique furniture, but want a little “touch up” according to their tastes! I’ve consigned with the lovely Forget Me Not Boutique in Waynesville, OH; and opened a showroom/workshop in Oakwood, OH where people bought pieces and or had pieces custom painted. Currently we are located in Bluffton, South Carolina painting and selling pieces as well as doing custom jobs.

​My specialties include: chalking painting and wax seals. We are currently branded with Dixie Belle. After 7 years of experience, I have found the best results with their products.

I have an affinity for the 'Rustic' design type. Who doesn't like a little Joanna Gaines style in their homes, right?! But I also find great value in learning and trying different design types.My creativity awaits the piece of furniture you may have thought of throwing away! 
Who is ready to be FurnFlipped?

When you support FurnFlips, you support our family of 4. We greatly appreciate your love and willingness to work with us. Pictures of our family can be found on our Blog page. 

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