January 25th's Class

Class in the shop was a blast last night. Thank you to our students who make the class experience so fun! Special thanks to our Hawaiian friends who even after a long day of moving surprised us with their presence! I can't wait to see what projects everyone takes on! Looking forward to seeing Michelle's grandmothers piece refurbished and Lori's bed now that they are chalk paint professionals!

More Farm Tables!

We just keep bringing them in! here is another type of table we can make for you!

All About FurnFlips

I grew up with a mother who was an interior designer. Surrounded daily by her talents, I naturally inherited her interest and her skills for design and decor. From imitating her as a child, to hosting craft nights with friends after college, and having a house of my own to decorate now — my love for ‘all things design’ continues to grow! My adventure with “flipping furniture” started after my parents had a garage sale. After seeing what some people may call “trash” taken and hauled off by a Junk Truck, I decided right then and there that it was time to refinish, restore, and revive any “junk’ I could get my hands and paint on! Since then, I collect pieces of discarded furniture to refini